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Mobile Bar and Bartender Hire for Your Cocktail Party


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Mobile Bar and Bartender Hire

When you’re planning an event, you might think it’s the easier — and more affordable — option to source the drinks yourself and simply hire a bartender for a couple of hours. But not only can sourcing ingredients for cocktails yourself be difficult to get right — leaving your guests unable to benefit from a varied menu — but when you account for glassware, garnishes, ice and more, you could be faced with a bill amounting to a small fortune!

But with mobile cocktail bar hire from Cocktails and Bar Events, not only do you get a bespoke menu according to your needs, plus all the glassware, garnishes and the mobile cocktail bar, but we’ll also throw in our bartender hire service for free! That means for a much lower price than doing it yourself and dealing with multiple suppliers and service providers, you get a fully stocked, fuss-free bar along with an expert bartender with the training, expertise and experience to make delicious cocktails your guests will love. And because we’ll take care of the whole process, from setup to serving during your event and packing up afterwards, you won’t have to lift a finger — leaving you to enjoy mingling with your guests.

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Add Flair to Your Party When You Hire Our Professional Bartenders

Keeping your guests’ drinks topped up is one thing, but if you really want to put on a show at your mobile bar event, you need a flair bartender. Brimming with charisma, a flair bartender from Cocktails and Bar Events provides the perfect entertainment for your guests. Using skills carefully honed over many years of dedicated practice and expert training, they’ll throw, flip, spin and juggle bottles, glasses, spoons and more to wow the people at your event, making it look effortless and easy! These are tips and tricks no regular bartender can perform, and our flair bartenders have the broken fingers to prove it!

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Mobile Bar and Bartender Hire Packages

We offer three distinct bartending packages to suit different sizes and styles of events. If you need additional wait staff, bar staff or an extra bartender or two, we can customise each package to suit your needs. The minimum booking time is 4 hours.

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Our bartenders can pour beers, mix basic drinks and serve your guests. Our bartenders can cater for any event.


professional cocktail bartender


Our mixologists can blend, shake and stir your favourite cocktails all night long. Our cocktail bartenders can cater for any event.


flair cocktail bartender


The ultimate entertainment. Our flair cocktail bartenders can create any cocktail and take your event to the next level. We really shake things up!


When you hire a bartender from Cocktails and Bar Events, let us know if you’d like special ingredients, a mobile bar, a barback or waiting staff.

A barback helps your bartender become even more efficient, freshening the bar up and collecting waste as the bartender carries on serving your guests. Our waiting staff are there to tend to your guests and provide table service — they’re particularly perfect for weddings.

Why Clients Love Our Mobile Bar and Bartender Hire Service

Cocktails and Bar Events has been going above and beyond to satisfy clients with corporate bar hire and exceptional bartending services since 2013. Don’t just take our word for it — here’s what a few customers have said:




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Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash, Christmas party, planning your wedding or organising a gorgeous garden party, we can offer the services you need to keep your guests’ drinks topped up and the smiles on their faces.

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