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At Cocktails and Bar Events, we offer bartending services to suit a wide range of events. So, whether you’re looking for corporate bar hire for your upcoming work event, bartending services for your wedding or need a professional for a bespoke and boozy Christmas party — we’ve got you covered!

Mobile Bar Hire for Your Events

Corporate Bar Hire

Hosting a corporate event has plenty of moving pieces and there can be a lot of pressure to make it as successful and memorable as possible. Our corporate bar hire service not only ensures your guests’ glasses will be promptly topped up at all times, but you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that the bartending duties are being taken care of by an experienced mixologist.

Our all-inclusive corporate bar hire option allows your colleagues or guests to mingle freely while the fully-stocked bar makes sure that a beverage is ready and available at all times. We also provide non-alcoholic cocktails to cover all bases when it comes to your guests’ preferences.

Wedding Bar Hire

Your wedding day is an unforgettable occasion. But with so much going on, it can easily become a very stressful experience. So why not take one important thing off your plate and into the hands of an experienced professional? Wedding bar hire and bartending services add a sense of elegance that makes the entire day more enjoyable for everyone attending. It also means you have one less thing to worry about — so you can focus on the other vital aspects of your wedding. Oh, and you’ll make sure that your grumpier relatives won’t be moaning about their empty glass.

Our beautifully crafted wedding bars will cater to suit your needs and aesthetic choices. And, of course, we will provide a customised cocktail menu, so everyone has something delicious to sip on throughout!

Birthday Party Bar Hire

Whether you’re planning a birthday for yourself, a friend or family member, cocktail bar hire is sure to be a hit with everyone. Our bartenders are masters of their craft and provide unrivalled service. With a fully-stocked bar at the ready, your guests can mingle and dance the night away while enjoying a consistent stream of amazing cocktails.

We offer a few different birthday party bar hire packages to suit varying budgets and requirements. With that said, if you’re aiming to host a particularly extravagant shindig, our Platinum package includes a super slick bar and over 200 cocktails for your guests to enjoy.

Garden Party Bar Hire

A garden party is a perfect opportunity to put on some nice clothes, enjoy the sunshine and embrace the finer things in life. Failing that, it’s an ideal excuse to catch up with friends, eat plenty of food and sip on some of the best cocktails you can get your hands on. When it comes to the latter, look no further than our master mixologists.

A summer party is a wonderful indulgence, so let us provide the bar hire and bartending services required to make sure it’s a social event to remember. Each package includes cocktails of your choice, so whether you want to pick out some favourites or try something new — our bartenders are up to the task. Our mobile bar hire is a great solution as it provides you with everything you need as well as the freedom to move the bar as and when you need to.

Christmas Party Bar Hire

With the festive season around the corner, now’s the time to plan the perfect Christmas party complete with cocktail bar hire and the expertise of a master bartender. Christmas is a time where everyone should be relaxing and enjoying themselves, which is exactly what your guests will get as our mixologists do what they do best and our bartender makes sure everyone’s glass is topped up at all times.

Hire a Bartender

Do you have an upcoming event and want to add a sense of flair and luxury? Hiring a bartender not only makes an event or party more bespoke, but it also means you can provide your guests with high-quality, impressive cocktails. At Cocktails and Bar Events, we only hire bartenders whose skills are matched by their charisma. This ensures that you and your guests get the best experience in regards to the drinks you sip on and the friendly demeanour of your bartender.

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